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The 4 Tesla Solar Roof Types

All four of the Tesla Solar Roof types (seems like they could be SolarCity products) are made out of glass, covering traditional photovoltaic cells. They are all unique, and actually look pretty amazing for a “1st gen” offering. The photos below show 4 real neighboring houses (not photoshopped renderings). See for yourself: Tuscan Slate Smooth Textured The price is not yet clear, but Tesla claims it will cost less than a traditional roof when you factor in the savings from the solar energy created. Throw in a $5,500 Tesla Powerwall 2 (also announced today) to store all that electricity your new roof is creating while you’re at it. Or grab two of them: So what’s your favorite style? Think Tesla is on to something big...

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Only Google… Project Glass Product Demo

Only Google could pull something like this off – and nearly flawlessly. At the recent Google I/O conference, attendees were surprised when Google co-founder Sergey Brin showed up, and along with the Project Glass team put on  a ridiculous product demo of Google Glass. After the demo the crowd was given the first opportunity to pre-order the new technology for $1500, due out sometime in early 2013. Unfortunately, unless you were there, you won’t be able to purchase the glasses for another couple years, at the minimum. Doesn’t this demo sort of mimic Google’s audacity, and their somewhat recklessness...

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Quantum Levitation & Hoverboards?

Check this out – a superconductor locked in a magnetic field, appearing to be levitating and racing around a track. A Quantum Levitation Hoverboard, when can I get my own QLH? A more in depth look at what’s going on in the video above. And even more about QL at this website:...

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